Luxury & Lifestyle

The consump­tion of luxury and lifestyle prod­ucts has more to do with dreams, desires and aspi­ra­tions than with rational argu­ment. Thus, in their commu­ni­ca­tion, emotional aspects have a greater value than facts. Brands are more impor­tant than prod­ucts and desir­ability more deci­sive than need.

OSK set the bar for successful marketing and commu­ni­ca­tion in the luxury segment through the multiple award-winning relaunch of the Maybach brand in 2002. With a precisely chore­ographed series of spec­tac­ular PR events, the sleeping brand became world-famous in just a short space of time, and the myth of its history was regen­er­ated with up-to-date imagery and messaging.

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